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Please read carefully the following general conditions which accepted, giving them in accordance with the approval of your purchase.

Iberacces Software S.A. (Hereinafter Iberacces.com) and the user of the site (hereinafter the user or buyer) agree to the terms and policies described in the web site and defined in these paragraphs.

You accessing the Portal, you agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions of Use contained therein.

Every purchase on the website is governed by the general conditions applicable on the date of the order.

We believe that once you have placed an order, will be accepted without our terms of sale, which will be revalidated by the end of the transaction.

By placing an order through this Web site, you warrant that you are 18 years and have legal capacity.

Iberacces.com is a company based in Spain dedicated to the electronic sale and distribution of mobile phones, tablets and consumer retail and wholesale through its pages Iberacces.com and Iberacces / Pro.com

Distributor among other brands:

Xiaomi, Meizu, Doogee.

All our items are new and 100% original and all include a warranty of two years as European law specifies the guarantees.

Shipments are made in all cases without exception from Spain for express courier services.


www.Iberacces.com as a seller, respond to buyers of any lack of conformity that manifests itself within two years (2 years) from the time of delivery.

Products purchased through Iberacces.com top brand with warranty coverage in Europe, will be addressed through the "Limited Warranty".

There are manufacturers that offer additional guarantees on their products, in any case Iberacces.com takes over a period exceeding 24 months from the date of purchase warranty. In these cases where manufacturers offer expanded coverage, these must treat the buyer directly with the manufacturer.

In the case of Apple warranty conditions adhere to those offered by the manufacturer, in any case Iberacces.com offer different conditions to those offered by this brand or other coverage in Europe (Read Apple warranty policies and other brands)

In the case of imported products that do not have coverage in Spain, Iberacces.com respond to the guarantee by its own SAT in Spain.

Assurance processes were carried out by direct contact via email.

They are not covered by the warranty failures caused as a result of misuse, force majeure, installation, handling or repair by unauthorized personnel or unauthorized or which do not comply with the following;

-Not purchased Iberacces.com

-In which their origin can not be identified due to deletion or change IMEI number or wholly or partially Series.

-Articles Which have been opened and handled by people outside Iberacces.com

-Samples of punches, twists, falls, exposure to high or low temperatures, liquid or any other sign of misuse by the purchaser.

-In which it has been defaced your software / hardware by unofficial downloads.

-Presenting problems downloading Malware or Virus.

The warranty does not cover;

- Damage or failure or data loss caused by hackers or access to web pages download or other programs.

- The damage resulting from normal wear and tear of any device and parts that are understood by pieces of wear and tear, batteries, headset, handsfree, cases, data cables, chargers, lenses or screens (In case of failure screen wear and tear) If the fault screen is derived from manufacturing this if it will be covered by the guarantee Iberacces.com or product manufacturer.

* LIGHT LEAKS are halos or lights white / yellow light that can be produced on the screen and that can be seen with black and white backgrounds or but does not affect the operation of the device, such leaks are not a malfunction and therefore not be covered by the guarantee unless it is increasing during the life of this and affect its use in this case could seek compensation in pre-verification and monitoring of security problem.

* DEAD PIXELS, are pixels that do not respond properly on an LCD screen or a sensor of a digital camera. It is normal for a device with millions of pixels may have a number of pixels / defective subpixels, the number of pixels tolerated depends on the type of screen (I, II, II, IV ...). Only be considered as collateral when the ranges established by the standard, otherwise it can not be considered defect or fault is exceeded. Usually no manufacturer considers defective screen unless you have a lot of defective pixels.

Iberacces.com send the invoice to the buyer via email in PDF format, the user can download at any time and / or review, the invoice will be the only valid for the guarantee document, keep the bill until the expiration of product warranty and, as far as possible, also retain the carton and accessories not wear.

Please print and save the invoice you will receive by e-mail regarding your purchase since it will be proof of your product warranty.

At the time you register your account fill in all fields, with particular attention to the address, email that you have as a principal, a number of operating telephone and ID for creating the invoice, Iberacces.com sells all articles with legal bills and taxes divided into the same so it is absolutely necessary that you fill in the ID field is mandatory when creating a client account.

Payment Methods:

Iberacces.com offers different payment options:

- Credit Card 100% secured payment through the payment gateway of Banco Sabadell (MasterCard SecureCode and Verified By Visa)

- Bank transfer or deposit account. It is imperative that when the transfer or payment is made the order number in the concept of it indicated. Otherwise the process can take several days.

- PayPal * (Read PayPal payments conditions)

If they had been 5 working days since the client would opt for bank transfer as payment and it had not been ordered, the seller will cancel the order, reserving the right to compensation for the damages caused.

Note that while the payment has not been completed by any of the accepted methods, the purchased item was part of our stock as it does not happen to be booked.

In any event, even during the time between purchase and payment time, the stock was left to the zero, your article would be sent no later than 5 working days.

This term is applied to prevent purchases by mistake or not ultimately end up being paid not harm our stock or prevent other valid sales.

The order will not be effective until we confirm the corresponding income, on that date may have changed the purchasing conditions.

At this time, the customer may choose to continue the purchase with the new conditions or cancel the order at no cost to the customer.

If you choose to pay by card, the payment will be charged at the time of the order, provided they have obtained prior authorization from your bank or box. If payment has not been authorized, your order can not be taken into account. Online payment by credit card is done through the security system "Secure Socket Layer" which encrypts your bank details when they are transmitted over the Internet, Iberacces.com not collect any data from your credit card or debit card.

- * PayPal; PayPal is an online payment gateway in any case a bank.

We are aware of security and comfort provided by this payment method, but this service involves costs to the seller and conditions subject to policies often frustrating and costly.

We also believe that, being a Spanish company with fixed base and not be a long delivery, the buyer can have complete security in their purchases through Iberacces.com and collection methods.

By offering other alternative methods, secure payment and zero or very low for buyer / seller cost Iberacces.com considered to offer PayPal is based more on an additional service that required a payment option, so that payments issued PayPal will lead him through a levy of 3.6% + 0,35 € the total operation.

greatly we regret any inconvenience this may cause.

Therefore, and to avoid delays in shipment, please indicate when ordering:

A professional private e-mail address or visit daily

A number of fixed or mobile phone (workplace or private) that may contact you at any time.


If the customer is not fully satisfied with the product received, you will be able to return it within 14 calendar days.

To exercise this right, the client can send e-mail to ventas@iberacces.com, and communicate their unequivocal decision of withdrawal, requesting the collection of the product except for products sold outside the Spanish territory, in this case the customer must bear the costs of shipping to enforce the repayment.

This part refund the payment received for the product, excluding shipping and management fees or handling, without undue delay and in any event no later than 14 calendar days from the date on which we are informed of its decision to withdraw from this contract, always at the reception of the product.

We proceed to carry out such reimbursement using the same means of payment used for the initial transaction.

The customer must return the / the product / os in perfect condition, with original packaging and complete (with accessories, manuals, cables, etc.), without having to repay any amount that results from normal use according to its nature.

If unable to return the product for loss, destruction or other cause which it is responsible, the customer will respond the market value would have had the benefit at the time of exercising the right of withdrawal, unless the value is higher than the price acquisition, in which case it will respond to this.

In the case concerned a pre-paid phone or pack, the terminal will change only, no refunds SIM card is accepted and the cost of fertilizer is calculated taking into account the value of the card.

All data contained in a digital support (memory card, hard disk ...) forwarded to Iberacces.com not be recovered.

the refund shall not apply: discs (CDs, video games ...) and software that had been des sealed by the consumer and user.

Prices and

The sale prices listed on the site are in Euros and, except misprint, all prices include VAT, exclusive promotions Iberacces.com can make this channel, and reserves the right to change the prices and the prices are final and nonnegotiable.

In the event that the order carries associated shipping costs, will be added to the total amount of selected once the order products, only shipments to Balearic Islands entail cost.

Iberacces.com reserves the right to charge shipping costs in situations of re issuing orders, for reasons beyond Iberacces.com and courier service.

The expenses incurred as a result of the re expedition, will not be refunded if the customer subsequently exercised their right to return the product.

In situations of re issuing orders, for reasons beyond Iberacces.com and courier service, the impossibility of delivery, shall be construed as withdrawal of contract, although the customer will be the costs incurred in re expedition.

Shipping mode:

Express shipping to Europe with delivery times of 48/96 hours

Iberacces.com makes every effort to respect the deadlines listed on the site. However, Iberacces.com not responsible for the consequences due to a shipping delay or loss of the package by yourself or for reasons or unforeseen or insurmountable force majeure a.

Should you not receive a package in the specified period, it will conduct an investigation along with the carrier that could last several days. During this period, you can not make any forwarding or refund the order.

We advise you to receive your package check that everything is OK with your order and in perfect condition. If detected any anomaly caused by handling during shipment, firm hand and indicate on the delivery note. However has a period of 48 hours to notify us on the phone 973 725 083 by the impact.

Delivery conditions:

For safety, the messenger only deliver the order in hand, the holder thereof and the agreed delivery address. To do this, identification will be asked, showing ID.

It is preferable to indicate as delivery address the work, if prolonged absences from home.

Processing and Delivery deadlines:

Depending on the type of product and its processing, delivery of your order will be:

The deadline for receipt of purchases based on anger;

-Payment method; The transfer payment need the time to confirm it.

-Geographic zone ; Shipments outside the Peninsula can reach as expressed in the terms and in areas where transportation does not have daily route.

-Festividades; Local, regional or national.

-Other Factors; As weather conditions of a serious nature or other reasons arising from the company providing the service.

- * In all cases no shipments exceeded delivery within 5 working days, if you have not received your purchase within this period should contact Iberacces.com through our phone 973 725 083 or email our sales @ Iberacces .com indicating your name and order number.

-The Purchases made before 16:00 will be processed the same day of purchase, with subsequent purchases transacted at 16:00 the next business day, Monday through Friday.

Maybe pick the item up at our offices Iberacces S.A. in Lleida you sitas in:

C / Paer Casanovas Nº46 .

25008 Lleida

Monday to Friday: 9:30 to 13:00 and 16:00 to 18:00

For collection in our offices the payment was made in advance by any of the methods set out in the general conditions.

List of local, regional and national holidays.

Note that if you issue a purchase on select days as public holidays in the work schedule of our city, the shipment will be the next business day.

2015 working calendar Lleida

(* Article 103 of the RD 1/2007, the revised text of the General Law for the Protection of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws. "(...) The employer shall execute the order at the latest within 30 days from the day following that on which the consumer and user has consented to hire). "

Loyalty Points:

Iberacces.com offers a point system that is linked to each purchase and resulting in a total amount depending on the product purchased.

When a buyer issues a purchase this generates cumulative points that become € uros for a next purchase.

The points are in your user account and can consult at any time, the points of a purchase can be used 15 days after a purchase because this is the deadline for the return of a product, in the event that a buyer return a product and this is paid return points will be deducted from your account.

Once overcome these 15 days, the buyer can enforce their points for a next purchase by accessing your client area and requesting convert your points balance in €, the system will generate a voucher with a code that the buyer can include in your new purchase in the "Redeem Voucher Discount"

The points are valid for one year and are applicable to higher purchases from € 100, in the description of each item comprises the total points generated by the purchase.


On the web there is a category devoted to downloads of useful applications, user manuals, language changes and other downloads which we believe may be useful to buyers.

These downloads are free and are not in any case Iberacces.com property so Iberacces.com declines any responsibility for problems arising from these discharges whether official or not.

Iberacces.com send an email with an attachment to your email buyer from the attachment can open the download and apply open downloaded from its terminal to apply, each download can be used only once.


If the product is not hired had gotten available, the consumer will be informed by e-mail no later than 48 hours (weekdays) may get back the amount paid as soon as possible, in no event more than 15 days term.

Similarly, the seller may offer no price increase a product of similar characteristics that have the same or higher quality. In this case, the buyer may exercise their rights of withdrawal and resolution in the same way as if it were the well initially required.

Personal data protection:

Iberacces.com reports, for the purposes of Law 15/1999, of December 13, Protection of Personal Data, the Customer's personal data will be included in an automated personal data created and maintained under Iberacces.com responsibility for the purpose of maintaining and managing the contractual relationship with the customer, as well as for sending this invoice by email. The Customer may exercise their rights of access, rectification, modification, cancellation and opposition by writing signed and accompanied by photocopy of DNI to the following address: Iberacces Software S.A. , C / Paer Casanovas # 46 Bajos, 25008 Lleida indicating the "Data Protection".

Iberacces Software S.A.

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