About us

Our company

The company was founded in 1992 to meet the market needs management software and custom programming for businesses. Since its inception the company has always been linked with new technologies and telecommunications.

In January 2015 Iberacces Software S.A. launches its web www.iberacces.com in order to market related multibrand free mobile phone and consumer electronics products.

Iberacces is managed by a team with extensive experience in the telecommunications sector and a clear commercial vocation.

Iberacces is also authorized KVD Electronics, manufacturer of Doogee and Homtom brands and sells prestigious brands such as Xiaomi, Meizu, Elephone, Oukitel, Ulephone, Blackview, Asus, Acer dealer .....

Why buy in Iberacces?


- Iberacces is one of the few companies, or only with corporate name S.A. in the vicinity of the sale of smartphones import Internet and with nearly 25 years of history, having provided services to large national and international corporations, it is clear that Iberacces is not a company that can take the risk of disappearing from one day to leaving the other buyers without assistance.

-Iberacces Importer is autonomous and does not depend on third parties for product purchases.



-Iberacces Sends all its products from Spain, with 2 year warranty with its own SAT in the country.



- Iberacces has an excellent customer service as they have a contact number at no cost to the person who contacts us at 973 725 083, active phone during business hours, also Iberacces is committed to answer all queries sent by email within a maximum period of 3 hours every day of the year from 9:30 to 22:30, 365 days a year !!!


- Iberacces handles all sales invoices, identifying data is requested, including the number of DNI to issue legal receipted VAT invoice.



-Iberacces Has a specific page for buying wholesale, if you an industry professional feel free to contact us.


-Iberacces Is the company's online sales of mobile and computer telephony that has grown during the first half of 2016 due to their persistence in obtaining the best prices, highest quality customer service and dedication of his team.

-Iberacces Has physical store; Iberacces S.A.

Paer Casanovas nº46

25008 Lleida.