Buying Guide to acquire an Android Smartphone:

If you are thinking of changing mobile and do not know what decantarte due to the large number of models available perhaps this guide can help a little to make a decision.

You've come to our website directly or take days hanging around the net looking for information about a mobile "Chinese" we recommend reading this guide where we will try to explain the various advantages of buying these devices as well as guide you in your choice.

I will you allow first make some clarifications on the terminals that you can find in our store or website.

The misnamed "Chinese Phones" Smartphones are brands that are not as well known in the usual sales channels.

What Chinese phone does not exist as a denomination as all smartphones on the market, all are made in China.

Bq which is a Spanish brand Energy Sistem also is, and the more that famous Samsung, Sony, HTC or ... Apple, manufactured in China.

Therefore all mobile phones are made in China, yes, it is true, in China there will be different levels of quality for each brand and surely Apple or Samsung buy the components of higher quality than white markings, this obviously like if you buy a Dacia or an Audi, do the same but with a different cost and its also different qualities, that does not mean that Dacia is a bad car, it's just a car with manufacturing costs much lower than those of Audi and add the cost has lead five rings on the front grille not take but both take you from one point to another.

During the years 2014 and 2015 phone brand most sold in the world has been Xiaomi for its landing in India and Brazil, as well as its strong entry into Europe although unofficial channels in our country, selling branded devices white (Chinese) has grown in the last year by 370%, covering more than 40% of total sales free telephony in Spain, or what it is the same, 4 out of 10 users opt for the option of buying a mobile "Low cost" only in the last year as its value / performance / price is much more attractive than that offered by leading brands.

Always remember that Huawei was one of these Chinese mobile with funny name and now operators are given cakes for offering their abusive contracts with tenures of two years.

We are going to put an example;

We have gotten into the page mediamark and we have chosen the first Smartphone that appeared in the list, which has been none other than the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime with a price of 149 €.

Its specifications are as follows.

-Screen 5 "TFT 540 x 960

Android 4.4.4 KitKat operating -system

-Processor Quad-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 1.2Ghz.



-connection 4G

This would be a phone range and average price, now let's put it in comparison with import Smartphone and similar price.

Let's pick a smartphone on our website that costs 10 € less than the Samsung chosen in MM, the price is € 139.90 and is the Elephone Trunk.

-Screen 5 "with resolution 1280X720 HD

-Operating system Android 5.1 Lollipop

-Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 APQ8016 1.2 GHz Quad-Core

-Dual SIM


-connection 4G.

No need to be an expert to see that for 10 € less we are bringing home a much higher Samsung Smartphone Where is the difference? Nowhere as Iberacces offered in this Smartphone it offers the same as the Samsung mediamark ... 2 year warranty.

Having seen we will also launch a tagline like the big chain with more than famous "I am not stupid" although ours will be "Do not pay more for less."

Having clarified the controversial Chinese Chinese phone or not we will go on a buying guide.

What more telephone fits my needs?

One aspect to consider is the price, perhaps more aspect to consider when making a purchase, whatever that is what we are buying.

Our phones are moving in a range of prices ranging from 60 to 600 €, at higher prices, higher quality and performance.

Not pay more can we do more with a phone, it should be borne in mind that use we will give each user has needs and those needs are to be covered with the purchase of a mobile device, it is very tempting take a mobile shop of 300 € which offers us infinite possibilities, but if all we do is call the WhatsApp and throw some day the truth is that we will have made a bad purchase.

Remember whenever a mobile communication device is at our service and not the reverse, if you buy something that you do not need the end you will see obligated to do things with that before because you did not have to do.

What makes up a smartphone?

The question seems very obvious, but you need to review before the components of a Smartphone to find out later that we are talking about.

-Operating System: Well we basically sell smartphones with the Android operating system so for us it is not necessary to mention other S.O.

Android is a free operating system based on the Linux kernel and therefore free for so most manufacturers opt for this S.O. to include in their devices.

The basic version of Android known as Android Open Source Project (AOSP) acronyms you sure that you have seen in your Smartphone.

Android often put their names sweet evolutions in English, this is the evolution of S.O. in recent years;

A: Apple Pie (1.0): Apple Pie

B: Banana Bread (1.1): Banana Bread

C: Cupcake (1.5): Magdalena

D: Donut (v1.6): Donut

E: Éclair (v2.0 / v2.1): Relampago

F: Froyo (v2.2): Frozen Yogurt

G: Gingerbread (v2.3): Gingerbread

H: Honeycomb (v3.0 / v3.1 / v3.2): Honeycomb

I: Ice Cream Sandwich (v4.0): Sanwidch ice cream

J: Jelly Bean (v4.1 / v4.2 / v4.3): Gominola

K: KitKat (v4.4): Kit Kat

L: Lollipop (v5.0 / v5.1): Piruleta

M: Marshmallow (v6.0) or cloud Marshmallow

... ....... This article was created in February 2015 (for new updates)

As you could have seen are in alphabetical order so certainly the next version of Android start by ... N.

While the S.O. of your mobile this, as it can not be otherwise integrated into the device, this system occupies a useful memory space and depending on the operating system need more memory, typically mobile and carry the S.O. that suits them without this make them suffer performance drops, what we can not do is update without thinking that our RAM may suffer because they do not support the new update unless that we have a minimum of 2GB of RAM, in this way we will be more than enough.

-Display: With different resolutions and sizes, the most standard today in mid-range mobile screens are HD 1280X720 pixel resolution.

As for the size, although there are mobile users who prefer small (4 "or less) the size of a Smartphone has been basically between 4.5" and 5.5 "eye, this is the screen size upper right corner to lower left corner, not mobile in its entirety.

-Memory RAM: The RAM is memory that has the device as its own and is not expandable memory cards, memory that is where it will stay the OS in this case would be staying where our Android.

RAM ranges from 256MB, if it is already rare but even there, through the 512MB, 1 or 2GB is now the most common and hence for up to 4GB of RAM, which leads to a real beast mobile (at least in RAM means)

If we buy a Smartphone with Android OS 4.4 or lower we could go perfectly with a 512MB memory, ie with 1GB RAM'd go more than enough, but from 5.1 Lollipop Android version is best to have at least 1GB for the device to enjoy fluency. The more RAM greater ability to multitask and greater workflow will be able to absorb

-Memory ROM: This is the memory you have our device to store files, photos, etc .. They usually ranges from 4 to 128GB in very high ranges of devices, usually we move Smartphones between 4 and 32GB versions being 8 and 16GB the most demanded by its low cost and the ability to expand via SD card.

-Processor: There are different processors on the market, import Smartphones mounted in their great majority Mediatek processors, but can also be found in some brands of processors Qualcomm Snapdragon brands such as Intel Atom or on devices like Asus or Lenovo.

There are many users who maintain that Mediatek processor is one of the worst processors on the market, but it is not true, going back to the Dacia / Audi, if your friend of all life has an Audi of 150hp and you buy you a Dacia of 75HP and put yourselves on the highway do not pretend that you do the same Dacia your Audi therefore often have been complaints from users especially in forums that have indicated that the performance of your Mediatek processor was not bad .. what explain is how they use or performance they seek to obtain from him, asking a cow and milk with sugar included is complicated.

The more or less modern processors ranging from dual core (two cores) to ten, with the 4-core processors (Quad Core) the most common market, it is important to know that a good 4-core processor can be much more effective that on August 1, all depend on the consumption involving the processor and clock speed at which work, a Quad Core 1.2Ghz can work better than a Octa Core 1.2 GHz, everything depends on the use we make of it and how to focus the work we do with our device.

What I need ?

An old anti-marketing guideline says that when you go to a mall to buy go without hunger Why? Well according to the will buy less or at least not to buy the hunger drive experts are wearing home, what comes to be that the package of buns do not gather in and change the batteries for the clock, which has no batteries a month if comprarás.

Ask yourself this talk How many hours each day? How many WhatsApp receipt and sent each day? Will I spend my life on social networks (Facebook, Twitter ...)? My mobile is a working tool? Do I play online or on applications that require a lot of memory and power? Do I make pictures to everyone and everything?

Here we enter the different types of users.

A user who only uses the Smartphone to send and receive calls and also incorporates messaging system WhatsApp and that it covers all your need need a basic Smartphone, does not need any means virtually nothing, of course it is tempting to take the mobile more pimp Store or bite the apple, but why? Brand or no brand you need this type of user is a functional, basic and low consumption mobile.

This user profile can happen to a mobile with a RAM memory between 512MB and 1GB ROM memory and 4 to 8GB

With a basic screen resolution of 400x800 pixels and between camera and battery 5mpx about 1800 / 2000mAh, this will lead us to a purchase cost of about € 60/80.

A user who speaks several hours a day and receives and sends amount of WhatsApp a day needs a little more, we must distinguish between voice and data, so if we are users of data and receive many files need a Smartphone with more capacity response and accepting multitasking well without getting hung.

If the user also frequents social networks and receive mail through the device we are facing an average user and need something more complete.

We entered the strip of moving of 1 or 2GB of RAM and a minimum of 8GB of ROM, ROM usually is of little importance because we can expand with SD card, so what we should look for is in RAM and this memory is what will be unchanged and therefore better not fall short.

We will be at a screen resolution that is normally HD with a resolution of 1280x720 pixels and a size of between 5 and 5.5 "not less processor Quad Core 1.0GHz or more would be ideal, in addition to this use need more battery and should look for something that is greater than 2000mAh, keep in mind that there are now many manufacturers offering terminals to 10000mAh, we may not need much but always a large capacity battery is appreciated as we will provide autonomy enough.

We are therefore in a price range of between € 90/120, without fanfare but with the above and more competent device.

If you are a caller, uses data to WhatsApp and social networks, you receive emails and you have more than one mail account on the mobile and also the applications (Apps) for mobile and testing all you love, you can not lose 2GB of RAM and 16GB of ROM expandable up to 32GB via SD least, if you also like taking pictures with your Smartphone are looking for a device at least 8mpx (or 13 interpolated).

We find ourselves in a price range of between € 120/170.

Another type of user is the one who does everything described so far and also loves games online, you need to be connected to the network at all times and need memory capacity but also needs flow for opening different tasks (Multitasking ) your device does not hang up and not lose initiated or data items.

then we talk about processor 2.0Ghz minimum and a recommended 3GB or more RAM.

In addition we seek a full HD (FHD) display of at least 1920x1080 pixels.

This is where we enter the price range without limit, either a device top brand or not, this type of Smartphones ranging from 180 € to 900 €.

Perhaps this tutorial, rather than sorry clarified something even you have confused more, do not worry, we are here to advise you, if you call us or send us an email one of our sales consultants will guide you in the process of buying a Smartphone and will offer the type of phone that fits over your needs and budget.